Dafydd Thomas

A Cryptocurrency to look out for


In the past year cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been made aware to more people than ever. More and more I am seeing people talk about this financial revolution whether they're making money, losing money or are posting speculation. Cryptocurrencies are inevitably going to be a part of our lives in the near future.

I've been in and out of cryptocurrencies for many years (not since 2009 though!). I've never owned a large amount of any coin over time, as I was highly speculative of it and I simply didn't have the capital to invest. This has now changed somewhat with cryptocurrencies being more accessible to users through services like Coinbase and Binance allowing you to buy into a wide range of different cryptocurrencies.


One cryptocurrency I have invested into and am keeping a close eye on is KIN. This coin I believe is set to be the most used coin within apps with it's great base on the Solana blockchain. The Solana blockchain has incredibly fast transactions speeds with a very very low transaction fee - from what I can see, is the cheapest.

KIN is set to be integrated into many apps where you can earn and spend KIN on items relevant to the app, or elsewhere by withdrawing to your own personal KIN wallet.

At the time of writing the price of 1 KIN is $0.0002618 USD, which means for only $10 USD you can get yourself over 35,000 KIN!

For more information on KIN please check out the KIN website and their official social media pages. (I recommend checking out /r/KinFoundation on Reddit.