Dafydd Thomas

Launched new project - readrrr!


I know, there are hundreds upon hundreds of RSS readers out there. On the web and native applications. So I felt a good practice project was setting up readrrr.

The tech stack is a NextJS built web app, deployed to Vercel. I then use Prisma to communicate with a database which currently sits with MongoDB Atlas.

For me this is the simplest full stack solution for me as everything is in one place, all in JavaScript/TypeScript. Deploying to Vercel really takes the pain away from hosting, I can sleep at night knowing my web app server won't crash causing an outage due to an application error. As NextJS is from the peolple are Vercel, any errors are caught very quickly during development as the web app is very close to production when developing locally.

That's it! Here are some links around readrrr: